First of all, Thank You so much for visiting this page. I know you are interested to know about me and my blog. It’s not only with you I also want to tell you about myself and my blog because you all are my digital family member.

About My Blog

This is dehatitrader.in, its starts in November 2020 and It is helping 2.3 Million readers till July 2022 as the google analytics data. Here are some types of content found at dehatitrader.in is given below.

  • Fundamental analysis of shares, stocks, and assets.
  • Predict future targets of shares, stocks, and assets based on analysis.
  • Simplify technical analysis for beginners and advance.
  • Simplify intraday trading for beginners and advanced.

Our future goal is to spread the knowledge of the share market to the 10 Billion readers before 2025.

About Me

I am Prabhat Kumar Sharma, Founder and CEO at dehatitrader.in. I am a share market expert for the last five years. I have expertise in technical analysis, and fundamental analysis of stocks, and assets.

I live in Bihar, India. I come from a rural place where the majority of youths and villagers think only Government Employee is successful. There are some people who are educated by a degree but don’t have a financial education.

I just have a goal in my life is to spread awareness with youths about the share market, passive income, business, and startups.

Email: dehatitrader843117@gmail.com

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