Best Penny Stocks To Buy In India | Multibagger Penny Stocks For 2022

Do you want to know about Best Penny Stocks To Buy In India? This is the best article about penny stock. Because I will provide you with technical analysis and reasons. why you should buy these penny stocks. You must get all the best penny stock of the Indian share market after reading this post.

I am Prabhat Kumar a stock market trader for 5 years. I found and trade approx 130 penny stocks in my career who gives me a very positive result. Let’s start.

List Of Best Penny Stocks To Buy In India

Penny stocks are very less prize but, but you never buy only penny stocks in your portfolio. You invest only 5% – 10% of the portfolio in penny stocks. The stock selection for penny stocks is very important because there are lakhs of penny stocks on the NSE. Before investing in penny stocks, you must be sure that the downtrend of stock ends and the stock is continuing to trade in an uptrend. Now we provide my analysis of the best penny stocks to buy in India for 2022.

1. Trident Ltd.

Trident Ltd is my first favorite multibagger penny stock for 2022. Now, this is at Rs.40 – Rs.42, and the most important thing in this stock is the price of the stock. Now, this is done a good retracement and can make an upside momentum within a few months. This stock overall trades in an uptrend as nifty. I think this can give a very good move this year because the chart of the trident is too aggressive on the upside.

Subex Ltd

Subex Ltd. is my second favorite multi-bagger penny stock for 2022. Now the Price of subex ltd is Rs.25 – Rs.30 and the most important thing which I can see with technical analysis is the history is going to repeat but within a better situation. You can see in the chart of this stock go up last time in 2010 after a long bearish trend but this is not a valid uptrend because that was without volume. But in the present situation, it’s again starting to go upside with good resistance. But now the good thing is the price is going upside with increasing volume. So, I think the bearish day of this stock ends and starts the bullish day.

Yes Bank Ltd

This is a very trending stock in the penny stock portfolio everyone asks about it. In the previous few weeks, we found a very huge volume in it. This stock is trading at approx Rs.15 – Rs.20. After buying the large stake of yes bank by the state bank of India, the trading price is increasing day by day. SBI also replaces all management employees and systems to improve it. So, in the future, it must go upside.


The idea is my last favorite multibagger penny stocks. In it chart, you can see this is starting to go upside after a long bearish trend. Now the price of the stock is Rs.8 – Rs.10. In the chart analysis of an idea, I do not like the things the volume confusion. It is not clear from the volume who is in the trend. There is the probability to come back again because the volume is not good support otherwise this is also a good stock.


At last, I only want to say that please invest in penny stocks as a few parts of your portfolio and never buy any penny or good stocks without analysis. I hope you all take the benefits of this article. This can be a good selection. Never buy or sell any stocks without analysis. because it never can give you profit. If you have any questions please ask in the comment section.

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