[HINDCOPPER] Hindustan Copper Ltd Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030

Do you want to know about the share price target of Hindustan Copper Ltd for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 so, it is a valuable article for you. After reading this post you must have the future prediction of Hind Copper and also, got the fundamental aspects such as strength, limitations, market cap, annual result analysis, quarterly result analysis, and so many more things.

Now, who am I? that is telling about the future prediction of Hindustan Copper Ltd. I am Mohammad Mutakim expert in the share market for the past 7 years. During the analysis of Hindustan Copper Ltd using fundamental and technical analysis, I got very interesting data. In the monthly time frame, I found the candle of February month is breakout the previous two swing high and in the financial year 2021 it made the net profit of 109.98Cr. which is far better than 2020. Such as I analyzed many data about Hindustan copper ltd, mentioned in this article.

HINDCOPPER Ltd Share Analysis

Hi Guys, how are you all today I have imagined you all are fine in today’s article I am going to talk about the best Indian Company which produces Copper. Also, we are likely to be discussed the company’s Performance, Financial Stats, Company Future, etc. So, guys now let’s go ahead and know more about Hindustan Copper Ltd Share.

It is the best company for Copper Manufacturing. It is used for many types of work as Construction, Telephonic Infrastructure, Automobile, Tele Communication, Manufacturing, Architecture Etc. It is a public sector undertaking company. Hindustan Copper Ltd has incorporated on 09 November 1967 under the administrative control of the ministry.

The main business of the company is manufacturing and marketing copper cathodes, copper concentrate copper wire bars, etc. Also, as we know very well in Ancient times, weapons, and jewelry, were made only used for copper. At the present time, Hindustan Copper Ltd’s share is focused on beneficiation and mining operations.

It was listed on the National Stock Market on the date of 04 January 2010 with an attractive share of around Rs.329. After some time slowly- slowly the company share price has come down, due to the financial stats. But in this time they have maintained their business including Continuous Cast Copper Ro, Copper Cathode, Copper Concentrate, Copper Sulfate, Sulphuric Acid, Reverts, Anode, Slime, Nickel Cathode, etc.

HINDCOPPER Ltd Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast

In this section, we tried to mention the predicted share price target of HINDCOPPER which may achieve in the coming year as given below.


HINDCOPPER Ltd Share Price Target 2022

According to the fundamental analysis, I am going to predict the share price target for the share of Hindustan Copper Ltd Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast For 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030. So in this section, first of all, we will discuss the year 2022 on the basis of the company price summary.

According to the price summary now we are able to see today’s highest price of this share is Rs.115.95, and today’s low share price is Rs.112.30. If we talk about a long-time share price performance so in 52 weeks the company has maintained its share price of at least Rs.159.40, and in the 52 weeks low price of this share is about Rs.81.20. So, it is a better strength for the company so that’s why if we predict the share price target for the year 2022 so, the first share price is Rs.145.

The way the company is Spread its mining infrastructure, it is possible to grow its business so, that’s why the second share price can be approached at Rs.158. As we know Hindustan Copper Ltd is India’s primary copper producer. Its manufacturing facilities and offices are at different locations even out of the country.

HINDCOPPER Ltd Share Price Target 2023

According to the Peer Comparison, we are going to compare the first company valuable company Hindustan Copper Ltd, and another Bharat Wire Ropes. Now, I am going to discuss HINDCOPPER. Guys, as we can able the HINDCOPPER share price, is trending at Rs.115.95, and its market value is Rs.12,049.17 next is the company P/B which is 5.55.

Now, I am going to talk about another comparable company Bharat wire ropes. Its share price is going at Rs.111.75. The market cap of this share is Rs.717.79 Crore and its P/b is 1.55. So, According to both company data, the HINDCOPPER is better than BWR. The HINDCOPPER price chart is going on the upper side. Therefore we can say that HINDCOPPER can achieve the first share price target of 2023 is about Rs.210, and the second share price would be Rs.228.

HINDCOPPER Ltd Share Price Target 2024

When we go through the Company Essentials. so, first we are going to point out Market Cap of Hindustan Copper Ltd is Rs.10,922.54 Crore, and after that, the next is the enterprise’s value of this share is trending on 12, 049.17 Crore. It has a total no. of shares is about 96.70 Crore and ahead is the Price to Earnings ratio which is Rs.28.34.

As the same type, the P/B of the company is 5.55, and it has DIV. YIED is 1.03%, as the same, the Book Value of Hindustan Copper Ltd is Rs.20.35, the company has total cash of around Rs.10.79 Crore. If we talk the total debt of this share is almost Rs.1,137.43 Crore, and the promoter holding is Rs.66.14%. On the basis of all aspects for the year 2024, the first share price of HINDCOPPER can achieve at least Rs.289, for the same year the second share price should be Rs.314.

HINDCOPPER Ltd Share Price Target 2025

In this section, we are going to talk about the Quarterly Report Analysis of Hindustan Copper Ltd. In the financial March 2022, the HINDCOPPER has made net sales of around Rs.545.46 Crore, If we want to know about the same year of the profit after tax which is Rs.89.02 Crore. Because during the season 2010 to 2011 the company increased its mine manufacturing strength from 3.4 million tonnes per annum to 12.2 MTPA.

In another Month June 2022, it has made net sales of around Rs.348.39 Crore, in which the company has got a profit after tax was Rs.57.09 Crore. It was a better sales and profit of this share. Because in the same year the whole country was fully locked due to the corona pandemic. Still, it is a better achievement. According to the Quarterly Report Analysis, we can say the primary share price for the year 2025 is Rs.361, and in the same year, the other share price would be Rs.374.

HINDCOPPER Ltd Share Price Target 2030

So, friends now I am going to predict the share price target for the year 2030. It is tough to analyze a long-term share price target but I still try to predict on the basis of Fundamental Analysis. Guy’s as we know very well the main business of the company which is Copper manufacturing. The copper demands are increasing day by day for the various types of work.

It is also the brand of copper cathode, copper concentrate, copper sulfate, etc. It is also making a plan to raise funds by issue of shares with the help of mines manufacturing. The company has also informed the Communication to Shareholders of this share, regarding intimation of tax deduction. Still, it has an efficient cash conversion cycle is about 100.45 days. All the strengths are giving the result that the first share price of 2030 is Rs.1,541, and the second share price can be made by the company is about Rs.1,609.


In this article, I have told about the best Indian share [HINDCOPPER] Hindustan Copper Ltd Share Price Target/Prediction For 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030. Also, we have to mention more and more about this company like a Technical Analysis, Quarterly Report Analysis, Annual Report Analysis, Hindustan Copper’s strengths, Weaknesses, Market Cap, Etc. So, guys if you have got some benefit from this article, kindly share it with your friends.

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