[Easy Step] How To Analyze/Find Your Own Multibagger Penny Stocks For 2022

Do you want to learn? how to find your own multibagger penny stocks? If yes then this article can give you the way to analyze penny stocks for 2022. I am a share market trader for the last 5 years and I create my own way to analyze penny stocks. If you read this article carefully then my way to analyze penny stocks is yours. Let’s start.

Best Way To Analyze/Find Penny Stocks

How To Analyze/Find Your Own Multibagger Penny Stocks For 2022: If you are a trader/investor, then you must also invest some part of your portfolio in penny stocks. Because, if we select the right penny stocks, then this work can give very good returns in the time interval. But there are many difficulties in selecting the right penny stock. No matter how much you try, when you select penny stock in the normal way, it will not work properly. You have to adopt the professional method to select penny stocks which I am going to explain in this post how to select and invest in penny stocks.

If we want to find penny stocks that give good returns, then for this we must have a lot list of penny stocks out of which we will select a few selected penny stocks for our investment. That is why, first of all, we will discuss the subject, how we will prepare the list of penny stocks, and how we will analyze it.

There are best ways to analyze penny stocks-

Step-1. Collect The List Of Stocks For Analysis: If you want to prepare a list of stocks for analysis, then one of the simplest ways is to collect one by one from the official website of NSE and another very easy way is to visit the website of Charthink and there Prepare your penny stock list with a screener. You can follow the steps given below.

  • Open any browser and search “Chartink”
  • Open the Chartink.com website
  • Look on screeners and click on Create Scan
  • Click on the plus(+) icon to create scan
  • Create Scan as “close-less than-number”
  • Your scan should be as Latest Close Less Than Number [Price]
  • Click On Run Scan
  • Now you got the list of less price that you type

As soon as you click run scan. After this, a list of many stocks will come under you which will be less than the price you put. Now you can create your watchlist from the list of stocks below.

Step-2. Analyze With Technical Analysis: By following the above process, you will get a list of many stocks. After this, you have to add penny stocks to the watchlist and then analyze it according to the important aspects of technical analysis. With which you will be able to select some stocks. After this, when you have some stock based on technical analysis, then follow the procedure given below.

Step-3. Analyze With Fundamental Analysis: Now check the stocks which have passed the technical analysis based on the fundamental analysis, which of the stocks is the fundamental analysis at “Ticker.Finology.com“. Keep an eye on his quarterly and early results. Look at its balance sheet net profit, price earning ratio, net sales, etc., and invest in the stock that suits you.

If you follow the above steps well then in the end you will get a list of penny stocks. In which you can invest 5% to 10% of your portfolio and if you invest in two or three or more penny stocks then also invest it by diversifying it.


In this post, we have told you some steps, using which you can find penny stocks in which you can invest, if you liked this post and liked the information given in it, then share the post, and if this is Anything related to the post can be asked in the comment section.

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