[Fixed] How To Generate TPIN, When Sell The Holding Shares In Angel Broking?

Do you want to know how to generate TPIN when selling the holding shares in angel broking? Are you planning to sell your holding and want to solve the problem to generate TPIN? You are at the right article. If you read the full article carefully then you can generate TPIN easily. I have huge experience with it because I have active investor for 5 years. At starting of my career I also faced this problem but, I learn to fix this and now I am going to tell you how can you fix this problem. Let’s start.

How To Fix Technical Problem Of Generate TPIN, When Sell The Holding Share In Angel One?

When we buy or sell a stock, it is stored in our Demat account and at the time when we want to close the position taken in our delivery, we often face the problem that when we exit the position A TPIN is sought. Which we cannot give, then we will talk in detail about how to solve the technical problem of TPIN easily.

TPIN is often used to protect our stock. Because, just like intraday trading, if our stock can be sold or bought without any TPIN, it may happen that someone who is a member of your family or who gets your phone by mistake. He can only close your position at a loss.

It is protected due to TPIN security. Below we have explained in some steps how to generate TPIN in detail.

Steps To Fix Technical Problem Of Generate TPIN:  

  • Step-1. Login In Angle Broking App
  • Step-2. Click On Portfolio Tab
  • Step-3. Chose Stock To Buy/Sell And Enter Quantity
  • Step-4. Press To Buy/Sell
  • Step-5. Now You Redirect At CDSL At 1. You Are In TPIN Input Window 2. You Are The Previous Window
  • Step-6. If You Are In TPIN Input Window Then Go Back
  • Step-7. Now You Are In TPIN Previous Window
  • Step-8. Now Find “Generate TPIN” Or “New TPIN”
  • Step-9. Now Check Your Connected Email Or Phone Number
  • Step-10. Enter The TPIN And Buy/Sell

After following all these steps, the problem related to TPIN, which you were facing, must be over. This is the only solution that you have come to the previous window where the option of inserting TPIN is located and click on Generate TPIN and then generate TPIN and then enter or buy or sell your share.


In this post, we highlighted the problems related to generating TPIN using the Angel Broking App. So that you will not face any problem related to TPIN and you will be able to buy and sell your shares easily, we hope that you will have got some help from this post and if you have any questions related to this post, you will Ask us in the comments and please share this post too as many people as possible and help us.

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