ICICI500 Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030

Do you want to get the icici500 share price target for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030? so here we will tell you the full target of this share.

I analyzed through another website, the official website of this share, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis of icici500, it is more innovative, that is explained in this article.

I think after seeing this article you may learn more about this company so that you could invest in the genuine share.

ICICI500 Share Price Target/prediction/Forecast

As a result, we will talk about the possible target of icici500 for the years 2022 to 2030. The company has incorporated on 2 May 2018, with a share price of Rs.14.85, the current share price is Rs.25.41. It means icici500 has developed in the past 2 years. The upcoming targets are given below.

YearTarget Of ICICI500

ICICI500 share price target 2022

The company has equity holdings of 99.81% and f&O holdings are 0.00% which is positive for the future, read more about HDFC Life Insurance Ltd.

For this reason, we can predict the first share price target for the coming year of 2022 icici500 is Rs.35, and if the company may perform well so the next share price should be Rs.43.

ICICI500 share price target 2023

The share of icici500 gives the standard deviation of 21.67 vs 15.85 which it tries to keep well maintained, ICICI Bank Ltd is also a good share.

The possible share price for the year 2023 is Rs.53, and the next share price target for the same session is Rs.65.

ICICI500 share price target 2024

If we try to know for the year 2024, the primary share price target of this share is Rs.70, and another share price can be Rs.78.

Based on the share price chart we can able to see that in the one-month timeframe that its chart is in full momentum.

ICICI500 share price target 2025

Accordingly, using the Fibonacci the predicted target of icici500 for 2025 is Rs.85, and the second target is likely to be attained at Rs.97.

Here, if we talk about the ranking & return of this share, in the 6 months it has been given the fund returns of 5.8%, and in one year of absolute return is 6.8%.

ICICI500 share price target 2030

The present net capital value of the share as of the date August 29, 2022, is Rs.25 for the development option of the regular plan.

This means that icici500 can achieve the first share price in 2030 is about Rs.215, and the second target would be Rs.235.

ICICI500 Share Analysis

As you know when we make a decision to invest in any type of stock so first of all, we know all about the share as the same we covered all the major points of icici500, that is explained in this article.

About ICICI500

The icici500 is another mutual fund type of company, created by ICICI prudential mutual fund same as the SBI Life Insurance Ltd. This scheme has brought in on 11 October 1993 and its fund manager is Mr. Kayzad Eghlim.

ICICI500 Products & Services

It is an investment platform where the low investment amount is Rs5000 and the minimum additional investment is Rs.1, SIP investment is Rs.0.

Technical Analysis: Furthermore, we will talk about technical chart analysis, Based on the chart we can able to see before 1.5 years it was consolidating at the same level.

After this, it has given huge momentum and broke all the previous highs, which is more chance to go upside this share.

Q. Is icici500 good to buy for the long-term?

Ans. Yes, icici500 is good to buy for the long term because its strengths & financial stats are highly maintained.

Q. What is the future target of icici500?

Ans. The future target of icici500 for the year 2023 is Rs.43.


In this article, we have done a detailed analysis of the icici500 share price target for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 also try to include strengths, weaknesses, and fundamental analysis of this share.

Are you agreed with this article then please put the share name, and related questions, in the comment section so that we stay along with you.

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