NAZARA Tech Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030

Are you wishing to know regards the share of NAZARA Tech share price target for the future session? where you can get various types of needful content so that you may learn very easily from this article.

My self Mohammad Mustakim and I am a professional trainer of the share market approx 7 years. During the analysis of NAZARA Tech, in which I got technical and fundamental aspects like company sales growth, profit growth, quarterly result analysis, annual result analysis, and business model that is described below. so kindly have this post seriously.

Nazara Tech Share Price Analysis

Nazara Technologies Ltd is leading India on the basis of gaming and sports media platform along with attending in India and over the appeared global markets as like Africa and North Africa, along with contributions over the coordinate Gaming, eSports and gamified. It was founded on 8 December 1999. Nazara Tech is headquartered placed in India.

The company has listed on 30 March 2021 in share market stock and after listing the Company has shown a more consolidation zone. So careful friends now we are talking on the basis of the technical analysis of the price chart. So which company after listing gives consolidation and makes a rocket which is seen on the technical chart the company across price up to Rs.3042 on the date of November 2021 and the green candle is a bullish upper side due to the profit of gaming infrastructure so it can be too growable share.

In the financial year, 2020-2021, the mobile gaming company that is Nazara Tech has given a good performance. The company’s Market Cap is 9264.21 Crore rupees due to Nazara Tech In this period according to the annual income, the company has got 84% growth with the benefit of 454.2 crore rupees. The company’s aim is to feed to above billion internet sufferers over the markets who have embraced social multiplayer synergetic gaming as the leading platform of entertainment.

Nazara Tech seeks to approach it by giving collectively mobile games, eSports content, and gamified early studying apps which are entertaining, locally applicable, and result in practical engagement and long-term retention of customers of Nazara Tech’s platform. The Nazara Tech provided by market first position in India over sports simulation and esports, this is well placed to leverage the chance which is adorable mobile games.

NAZARA Tech Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast

In this section, we have discussed the share possible share price target of NAZARA Tech that is likely to be attained which is followed in the table.

YearTarget Of Nazara Tech

Nazara Tech Share Price Target 2022

Friends now we are going to discuss about Peers Comparison with Nazara Tech and another Sonata Software. So the first Nazara Tech Price is Rs.642.85, and Market Cap is Rs.4,227.03 Crore, and same P/B is 4.49, P/E is 0, and EPS is Rs.-4.33, and ROE%, friends ROE means Ratio Of Earning it is the most important things of every company so the ROE% is 0.21%, and ROCE% is -0.17%, P/S 128.35, and last are the EV/EBITDA is -164.92.

So dear if I compare with one of the top companies Zensar Technology. So its Price is Rs.231.30 and its Market Cap is Rs.5,235.57 Crore and the same type of P/B is 2.48, and P/E is 17.48, and next is the EPS of Rs.13.24, and next is the ROE% it is the most things ROE% is 17.24%, and ROCE% is 23.17%, P/S is 3.84, and next and last is EV/EBITDA is 9.09.

In this section, we are going to talk about Super Investor who has invested in this company. So the super investor is Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Its total Networth is 25,253.98 Crore. Rakesh is many referred to as warranted in a buffet of India. Rakesh is top of India’s most lucky investors.  Jhunjhunwala started investing in the year of 1985 capital with Rs.5000 that time BSE index was 150. So it is the most investor in India.

Nazara Tech’s Board of Managers has accepted the acquisition of 1601 equity shares of Rs 10 every act for 5.54% of the reward up shares asset of Rusk Media for all consideration not submitting Rs.2.02 Crore, payable in cash. So it’s all about the share price target for the year 2022 the first expected target is Rs.765 and the second possible target price is Rs.988.

Nazara Tech Share Price Target 2023

The Nazara Tech is financing the capability of Rusk to generate a scripted truth esports and gaming universe wherein rusk guides the expertise in the formation of content. So that is the most popular thing on the mobile gaming platform. The NAZARA is performing all about mobile gaming and esports.

Friends, now we are discussing about the Company FinStar. So on the basis of  FinStar has given 2 Star rating for this company. Inside the FinStar first is Stable Ownership, Stable Ownership has provided a 2.09-Star rating due to the possession strength is slightly losing the benchmark. So the next is Expensive Valuation, so the Expensive Valuation has been given a none Star rating cause of the share is at an installment valuation at this point.

So, next, we will talk about Poor Efficiency, Poor Efficiency has got 1 Star rating due to the Nazara Tech appearing highly inefficient in the case of asset control. So the next and last is Weak Financial if we talking about the Weak Financial so the Weak financial has got 2.5 Star rating source of the watch out the NAZARA may be not able to sustain any adverse situation. Because of all the share price targets for the year 2023, Nazara Tech’s first share target would be Rs.1,150 and the second share price target for the same year will be Rs.1,362.

Nazara Tech Share Price Target 2024

As the data are given at we are telling you about Nazara Tech’s year performance that how they perform in every quarter of last year of quarterly report analysis. If you find any mismatch of data from the official site of Nazara Tech. we are not going to be responsible for it.

In this section If we talk about the Quarterly Result Analysis of Nazara Tech. So, In the first financial month of March 2022, the company has done a net sales of Rs.3.50 Crore due to the company management is too higher and got success in per step. If I talk about Net Profit for the same year after paying tax so the profit is Rs.-18.70 due to the many types of competitors in the gaming Fields and subscribers has got down due to the Covid-19.

So, it’s all about if we try to predict a target for the year 2024 the first share price target is likely to be Rs.1,573, and the second share price target can be Rs.1,675 In the month of June 2022, due to Nazara Tech has sold its own products Rs.4.70 Crore cause of using the feeds and internet suffering and now we are seeing a Net profit after paying tax in the same month and year Rs.0.50 Crore cause of lower using mobile gaming.

Nazara Tech Share Price Target 2025

As the data are given at we are telling you about Nazara Tech’s year performance that how they perform in every quarter of last year of quarterly report analysis. If you have found any mistake in data from the official site of Nazara Tech. we are not going to be responsible for it.

In this section, if I talk about the Balance Sheet. So in March 2020, the company’s Current Liabilities were Rs.11.20 Crore when the company is having developed and if discuss about Total Assets, so the Total Assets for the same year were Rs.369.95 Crore. If we consider it’s all about Investment, So for the same year Investment is Rs.303.30 Crore.

The second Current Liabilities of 2021 is Rs.100.02 Crore company’s Total Liabilities of around Rs.566.95 Crore. though they made an Investment of about Rs.338.21 Crore.after paying all the taxes which is pretty much higher than quarter profit as the Nationwide lockdown is removed. In the Last Quarter of June 2021. So It’s all about the first share price target for the year 2025 would be around Rs.1,858 and the second price will be Rs.1,946.

Nazara Tech Share Price Target 2030

In this section, we are trying to analyze the technical analysis of Nazara Tech follows that Black resistance line that you all were able to see in a chart. Nazara Tech also follows the Fibonacci retracement in this technical chart. Here we try to predict there are two possible targets which possibly the shares of Nazara Tech can surpass at the end of the year 2030. The first share price target that the shares of Nazara Tech can find in the first half of the year 2030 is around Rs.5,323. The second share price target that the shares of Nazara Tech can able to find till the end of the year 2030 is approximately Rs.5,863.

Now, we are talking more about some Expert Views for this share. So the NAZARA shows strong growth in earnings per share. In the last year, the sales growth has been Poor in relation around -28.59% which is quite very well. So, friends, it’s all about is giving a good result that the company is too profitable. If we enter this share so it will be given a high return in short term.


In this article, as we have seen in detail one of the Gaming India Entertainment Company that is Nazara Tech Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030. Also, I have tried to include every aspect in our article which is really essential to know before investing in any specific company shares which include company strength, limitations, expert view share price target for the company share, try to tell every relatable news and update regarding the shares of Nazara Tech with their strength and Limitations.

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