Best 3 Penny Stocks Of Reliance Group

Are you looking for the best 3 penny stocks of Reliance group? so it is a golden offer to know about these penny stocks I think after reading this article you may invest in the stocks.

Based on the analysis we have analyzed more about the company, developments, sales growth, and future growth so that you could know all about these stocks.

Top 3 Penny Stocks Of Reliance Group

At the time of investment in the share market, you always used to listen to news about a penny stock and you have got inspired, but it is a bad habit because it is not necessary the penny stock will give the best return in the short term.

Firstly you will have to analyze financial, fundamental, and business growth and after that, you should invest.

1. Reliance Capital Ltd

At this palace, we are going to know about the Reliance capital and its business model, fundamental analysis which is mentioned ahead.

About Reliance Capital Ltd

It is a part of the Reliance Group and one of the best developing and most valuable financial services provider companies. The Reliance capital ltd was incorporated in the year 1986.

Currently, it is doing life and general insurance, stock broking, depository services asset management, and mutual funds, the same as ICICI500.

Reliance Capital Ltd Fundamental Analysis

When we go through the fundamental analysis in which we are going to cover the market cap, price-to-earnings ratio, and more fundamentals about penny stocks.

Fundamental TermsExplanation
Current Share PriceThe current share price is trading at Rs.16.19.
Market CapThe current market cap of the company is Rs.29,709.93 Cr.
Price To Earnings RatioThe P/E ratio of the company is 0.
Enterprises ValueThe total shares of this share are Rs.25.27 Cr.
EV/EBITDAIt has an EV/EBITDA of -65.85.
Current CashThe real operating revenue of Reliance capital is Rs.563 Cr.
Total DebtIts net profit of Rs.-10,972 Cr.
Sales GrowthIt has negative sales growth of -59.47%
Profit GrowthThe company has a weak profit growth of -100.77%.

If we see its positive strengths, so the RCL market capitalization is well maintained.

2. Reliance Power Ltd

Now, we will talk about Reliance power ltd and its products & services, fundamental which more needful points.

About Reliance Power Ltd

Reliance power ltd is part of the Adani Group and it is the biggest thermal power producer. The company has a huge power manufacturing capacity containing thermal power plants in Gujarat.

The RPL is involved in the business of accumulation, distribution, generation, and supply of power read about Orient electric ltd.

Reliance Power Ltd Fundamental Analysis

In this section, we will know the fundamental analysis of RPL such as current cash, total debt, sales growth, etc.

Fundamental TermsExplanation
Current Share PriceThe Reliance power share price is Rs.19.70.
Market CapAs of the Date, 14/09/2022 current market cap of Vodafone idea ltd is Rs.6,511.24 Cr.
Price To Earnings RatioThe P/E ratio of the company is 0.
Enterprises ValueThe positive enterprises’ value of RPOWER is Rs.13,238.91 Cr.
EV/EBITDAIt has an EV/EBITDA of 90.8.
Current CashThe current cash of Reliance power is Rs.6.10 Cr.
Total DebtIt has a debt of Rs.6,733.77 Cr.
Sales GrowthIt has down sales growth of -27.01%.
Profit GrowthThe company has active profit growth of 114.23%.

If we talk about the profit growth of this penny stock which is so good.

3. Reliance Infrastructure Ltd

As we go through the company, the business model, financial stats, and fundamental points are given further.

About Reliance Infrastructure Ltd

It was listed in 1929, and Reliance infrastructure ltd is a purely integrated utility involved in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

It is India’s biggest private sector company in power pieces of equipment. It has achieved the IPPAI Awards.

Reliance Infrastructure Ltd Fundamental Analysis

Here, we are going to consider the fundamental stats of Reliance infra which is so essential points.

Fundamental TermsExplanation
Current Share PriceThe trending share price is Rs.161.25.
Market CapThe present-day market cap of RELINFRA is Rs.4,196.01 Cr.
Price To Earnings RatioThe P/E ratio is 0.
Enterprises ValueThe attractive enterprise value of this company is Rs.7,874.22 Cr.
EV/EBITDAIt has an EV/EBITDA of 62.51.
Current CashIt has total cash of Rs.129.88 Cr.
Total DebtThe RELINFRA has a debt of Rs.3,808.09 Cr.
Sales GrowthIt has sales growth of 28.06%
Profit GrowthThe company profit growth of -101.85%.

The Reliance Infrastructure ltd sales growth ratio is well maintained.

Q. Is it good to invest in a Reliance group of shares?

Ans. Yes, It is good to invest in the Reliance group of shares, firstly you have to know fundamentally, and technically about shares/stocks.

Q. Which are the best penny stocks to buy?

Ans. The penny stocks Reliance infra ltd, and Reliance power ltd is the best to buy.


In this article, we knew more about the best 3 penny stocks of Reliance group, about these penny stocks we have included fundamental analysis and future growth of these penny stocks.

If you want to know the same information about other stocks so, please bookmark my blog and message me your own opinion about these stocks.

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