Sobha Ltd Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030

Do you have interested to know what is the share price prediction of Sobha Ltd for the upcoming years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030? so it is a golden opportunity to know extraordinary about this share because it is a recent article and in this article, you may learn some additional.

In this section, first of all, know about me so I am Mohammad Mustakim, I am a professional trainer of the share market. During the analysis of Sobha ltd, I have to learn some extra in about this share such as cash conversation cycle, company management, profit margin, promotor holdings, and future targets which have been covered in this article, So, read this article section wise.

Sobha Ltd Share Analysis

Here we are going to talk about the company, products, services, developments, and financial stats which is so essential to know before investing. That is given ahead.

About Sobha Ltd

Sobha Ltd has been started in the year 1995, through the PNC Menon, It has been acclaimed for better-perfect interiors and construction since 1977. It was registered in the national stock market in 2006 at a price of Rs.1120 and after listing the company has shown some downside performance which was so less than Rs.114.75. After that in 2011, the company share price performed towards the upside, and the company share price increased around Rs.220.

Sobha Ltd Products & Services

When it started Sobha’s values are making rock-solid values, and Sobha Ltd focused Customer-Centric Approach, Robust Engineering, and also the company is doing research and development in every area to operate their business, which has collaborated in making new projects. Sobha Ltd is willing to prefer Real Estate patches in both types first is the Residential and the second is the Commercial division.

If we want to know about the main products of the company, so, the company does work’s production of Residential and Commercial projects, the performance of Contractual projects. It is also producing actions related to interiors, glazing, and concrete, metal works products. Sobha Ltd has entered from strengths to strengths starting with the first residential project in Banglore, Karnatka in 1997.

Developments Of Sobha Ltd

In the quarterly results of Sobha Ltd business, proper development of around 55.93% in the gross sales of around Rs.8155.00 million was calculated in the last quarter of September 2021. The company’s gross sales were stable at Rs.5230.00 million within the identical quarter previous year. The net profit of Sobha Ltd was calculated to be 184.94% which means the Indian rupee to Rs.473.00 million from Rs.166.00 million in the back quarter.

Sobha Ltd Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast

In this section, I have predicted regards Sobha ltd share price target for 2022 to 2030, it is a live chart analysis by the technical analysis so that you could know the upcoming future price of this share which is given below.

YearTarget Of Sobha Ltd

Sobha Ltd Share Price Target 2022

According to the Fundamental Analysis, I am going to predict the share price target of Sobha Ltd for the Sobha Ltd Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030. The Vice-chairman and managing director, Sobha Ltd has said that this is the company achieved high sales during the quarter is so hopeful.

The MD. of Sobha Ltd has also said that we look forward to sustaining the momentum as well as achieving in market share. We are going in the right direction with full courage. The real estate industry has been regularly performing slowly-slowly cause of the fear of the covid-19 pandemic aways slowly-slowly. The pandemic did take its toll but also through AI-based technology which made a convenient moment for buyers and developers.

The company is making a plan to collect money by unlisted on a private placement basis. The conference meeting of the board of directors of Shobha Ltd is processed on November 08, 2021, to converse and approve the same. According to the MD., a conversation he shall develop their real estate business in well location in which the first share price of the Sobha Ltd of about Rs.704, After growing the business it is fact to develop their sales so, the second share price target may be Rs.859.

Sobha Ltd Share Price Target 2023

If we predict the share price target for the year 2023, with the help of the Price Chart, I am seeing in the daily time frame the company share price has increased from around Rs.705.85 to Rs.730. In one week, Sobha Ltd has achieved an absolute return of almost 0.7%, which means on the date 2 November share price was Rs.866.6 and after seven days the company share price increased by around Rs.907.05.

In one month, the company has got an absolute return of around 1.8%, in the normal words in the date was 11/10/2021 Sobha Ltd share price was Rs.863.15 and after 30 days the company share price has got increased by around Rs.5.1%. It is a good decimal to check out the layout of the assets along with the company performance. On the basis of the price chart the primary share price for the year 2023, of about Rs.1,056. For the share year Sobha Ltd’s secondary share price target of about Rs.1,175.

Sobha Ltd Share Price Target 2024

If we go through Quarterly Report Analysis In the financial year Sep. 2021, the company has made net sales of around Rs.815.50 crore, in which the company has got profit after tax is the way Rs.47.30 crore, due to recent relief of entire lockdown. In the next month December 2021, the company’s net sales increased to 655.40 crores, and profit after tax is a way of around Rs.25.20 crore. According to the quarterly report analysis the first share price target in the year 2024, would be Rs.1,330. and the further share price target for the year 2024 would be Rs.1,427.

As similar in next year March 2022, its net sales were around Rs.731.60 crore, while the company profit after tax was Rs.27.70 crore. Sobha Ltd has informed that it attached the structure of the analyst/organizational conference meetings to be attended by the management of Sobha Ltd has done on October 27, 2021.

Sobha Ltd Share Price Target 2025

When we go through the Company Developments I am going to talk about Shobha Ltd’s share, should we enter or not. Guy’s, Shobha Ltd is in the construction and development sector they work on both sectors residential and commercial projects. So, basically, it’s the company of Banglore, and they spread their business of Shobha Ltd. The company has taken on projects in Kerala as well as Chennai, Delhi, and some different palaces.

Now, I talk about the company data so, the market capitalization of the company is Rs.6,390.24 crore, it is a small market capitalization company whose industry price-to-earnings ratio is Rs.56.62. If we see the company enterprises value of Rs.9,122.87 crore, it is better from the industry price to earnings ratio but the company earnings as it grows Sobha Ltd will get strengths.

If the company’s strengths shall grow so, it is a fact that the company price will boost and its income will be more increase, and automatic the company price-to-earnings ratio will less. If we talk about Sobha Ltd’s financial trend we can see the company year’s revenue increases. In 2020, after the Monts of March, we were suffering corona pandemic that time real estate has come down around 200-300 crore. But nowadays Sobha Ltd is going so well. In the year 2025, the first possible share price target of Sobha Ltd will be Rs.1,595. If the company does more sales, the second share price target will be Rs.1,673.

Sobha Ltd Share Price Target 2030

On the basis of the Technical Analysis chart, I am going to forecast for the year 2030. The Sobha Ltd shows so huge momentum we have gotten seen in the Past 2 Years. At the present time, the company is trending on a high-level path. According to the price chart, the company is performing so good as well as it is also in the upcoming year will generate awesome sales because it is spreading day by day towards the brand city.

In the long term, the company’s share price will be bullish. So, here we have tried to predict two share price targets for the shares of The Sobha Ltd. For the Year 2030, the first target which we can predict for the shares of Sobha Ltd is about Rs.4,662 and the second share price target for the share of Sobha Ltd is around Rs.4,805.


In this post, we have done a detailed analysis of an Indian company that is engaged in the real estate industry that is Sobha Ltd Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030.

I tried to include every aspect in this article that is really essential to know before investing in any specific company including company Strengths, Limitations, and Share Price Target for the company shares, try to tell every relatable news and update regarding this share.

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