Tata Chemicals Ltd Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030

Do you have wish to know the share price target of tata chemicals for the coming years 2022, 2030, 2024, 2025, and 2030? so you are at the right palace where you can learn more additional information in this article regards this share such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, company strengths, limitations, financial stats, and many more aspects so let’s go ahead.

Tata Chemicals Share Price Analysis

Friend, in this section we are going to talk about Tata Chemicals. Tata Chemicals is one of the best company in India. It was founded in 1939 with the leadership of Mr. JRD TATA. Tata Chemicals headquartered situated is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Its major work to production Chemical, Nitrogen, and Fastphetic Fertilizer, Crop Nutrition Etc.

It is the biggest chemical production in India. The chairman of Tata Chemicals Mr. N. Chandrashekharan has said that the chemical demands and domestic level are growing fast. Open in the financial year chemicals demand may be approaching the pre-covid level. In the company of  82 Annual general meetings, the Tata Chemicals chairman addressed all of the shareholders and he said, In the year 2020 cause of covid-19 its products there was huge drop but right now the company is performing too well.

In this part, we talk about Tata Chemical’s share on the basis of technical analysis so, let’s start it. Tata Chemicals has listed with its first share price of Rs.43.30 in the year 1999. The chart was going on absolutely the same surfaces until the year 2019 with the price chart being Rs.370. After this, the price chart is going on upperside with full momentum after that the company never come down below due to the Tata Chemicals management and growing fast in chemical management.

Tata Chemicals has achieved 3 platinum level awards at the fifteen editions of the CII National six sigma competition, in the year 2021 held at the latest for a few of the company’s project case perusal on technical innovation and plant operational efficiency developments which have shown at the competition.

Tata Chemicals Ltd Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast

The analyzed share price targets of tata chemicals are given below. According to the chart, it is a real share price which it can be assumed.

YearTarget Of Tata Chemicals

Tata Chemicals Share PriceTarget 2022

In this section, we are going to predict two possible targets on the basis of the Tata Chemicals Peers Comparison between two top companies one is Tata Chemicals and another is Atul so, let’s go ahead. The Tata Chemicals Price is Rs.1,119.70 and if I talk about Tata Chemicals Market Cap, therefore, the market cap is around Rs.28,504.68 Crore due to after Covid sales growth, and the next is Tata Chemical’s P/B so, the P/B is 1.81, and at all like this the company P/E is 30.34, and EPS is Rs.36.87, ROE% is 3.80%, ROCE% is 5.01%, P/S is 9.51, EV/EBITDA is 19.36.

The second compared company is Atul, the company of Atul’s price is Rs.9,218.75 and next is the market cap, the Atul market cap is around Rs.27,207.99, and P/B is 6.18, and the next is P/E, THE P/E is 44.60, and EPS is Rs.206.68, and the next is ROE%, the ROE% is 18.61%, same like ROCE% is 24.47%, P/S is 7.75, EV/EBITDA is 28.38. So it’s all about creating results that Tata Chemicals lower than Atul but if we see the company production, investment, and future plan is too good.

According to this the first possible share price target of Tata Chemicals for the year 2022 is Rs.1,293 and the second share price target for the same year is around Rs.1,374. Now we are going to talk about the Tata Chemicals Market Cap. If I talk about the Market Cap, so the company market is Rs.28,504.68 Crore, and next is the No. Of Shares, No. Of Shares is 25.48 Crore.

Tata Chemicals Share Price Target 2023

According to Finstar, Tata Chemicals has got a 3-Star rating cause of Stable Ownership, Expensive Valuation, Excellent Efficiency, and the last is Weak Financial. Inside Finstar we are going to know about the company’s Stable Ownership, the stable owner has achieved a 3.1-star rating cause of the ownership strength are a few losing the surface. The next is Expensive Valuation has got a 0-star rating due to the share being at a premium valuation at this part.

So, the next is Excellent Efficiency, the excellent efficiency has taken on the basis of Tata Chemicals knows very well the implementation of its Assets. Now I talk about the Weak Financial so the financial is needed to every company and in this company financial has got a 5-star rating cause of watch out the Tata Chemicals maybe not applicable to sustain any adverse moment. All about the aspects the share price target for the year of 2023 first is around Rs.1,680 and the second target is Rs.2,029 can approach.

Tata Chemicals Share Price Target 2024

So, friends now we are going to tell Quarterly Report Analysis for the shares of Tata Chemicals which help you to know more about the Company Shares and the data which we get it from Ticker.Finology.In I find any missing aspects regarding one of the most Company that is Tata Chemicals so will not going to be responsible for that.

In the financial year December 2021 the Tata Chemicals Ltd Net Sales was Rs.931.48 Crore due to chemicals demand approaching the pre-covid level, and if we want to know about the Profit After Tax so the company profit after paying tax is Rs.155.70 Crore, and the next ratio of March 2022 the Net Sales is Rs.1,114.61 Crore and Profit After Paying tax is Rs.268.14 Crore. According to each and everything, the first share price target for the year 2024 is Rs.2,278 and the second target is Rs.2,595 likely to be done. The same type in the date of June 2022 the company has given Net Sales of around Rs.1,225 Crore and Net profit after tax is Rs.381 due to the tax price has hovered around Rs.32.03.

Tata Chemicals Share Price Target 2025

So, friends now we are going to tell balance Sheet Report Analysis for the shares of Tata Chemicals which help you to know more about the Company Shares and the data which we get from Ticker.Finology.In I find any missing aspects regarding one of the most Company that is Tata Chemicals so we will not responsible for that.

The company Invest Rs.7,241.33 Crores in March 2019, in which the company made a Total Asset of Rs.14,566.69 Crores. In the next year March 2020, the company did a business of 6,683.40 Crores, in which the company earned a Total Assets of 13,395.75 Crores.

In the next year 2021, the company has done expenses of around Rs.8,110.07 Crore which has the Tata Chemicals collected Total Assets is 14,566.69 Crore. The next Investment is 9,867 Crore and the company made an asset is almost Rs.17,017.10 Crore. It’s all the data is giving there are two possible targets for the year 2025 so, the first is Rs.2,945 and the second is Rs.3,194.The very good utilization of its assets. When we talk about the Financials Tata Chemicals possesses stable growth history and sound margins and lastly, when we talk about Expert View valuation as Tata Chemicals is presently listed on the Stock exchange they don’t have an impressive valuation to date and it takes time to achieve some valuation in the market.

Tata Chemicals Share Price Target 2030

Tata Chemicals has notified that it enclosed a certificate under consistency of the SEBI depositor and participants consistency, 2018 for the quarter ended September 30, 2021, about the company above-mentioned information of the company submitted to BSE.

When we go through the chart of Cash Flows for the shares of Tata Chemicals we find that Tata Chemicals can make an awesome amount of Investing Cash Flows for the last five years and achieve their highest amount of Net Cash Flow at the end of the financial year March which is about Rs.-43.65 Crore. and here we try to predict two possible targets for the shares of Tata Chemicals which they can find it in the year 2030 the first possible target for the shares of Tata Chemicals which they can find is around Rs.8,265 and the second possible share price target for the shares of Tata Chemicals is about Rs.9,348.


In this post, I have told about Tata Chemicals Ltd Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030. We tried to include every aspect in our article which is really essential to know before investing in any specific company shares. Before ending this article, I have covered some strengths, Weaknesses, and I have tried to predict the possible target 2022 to 2030, Market Cap, and the target for Tata Chemicals which is really important to become the highest revenue-generating company.

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