Tega Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030

Do you want to look prediction of the share of Tega Industries Ltd’s share price target for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030? you have visited in the right article and I think after pursuing this post you may feel happy.

I am Mohammad Mustakim I have 7 years of experience in the share market. In this article, I have included all the major points of this share like the market cap of Tega industries ltd, strengths, limitations, quarterly and annual results analysis, fundamental and technical analysis, and more data about this share. So, without investing the time let’s go ahead.

Tega Industries Ltd Share Price Share Analysis

Tega Industries Ltd is especially a manufacturer of minerals. The company has been listed on NSE on the date of 13/12/2021 with an attractive share price of about Rs.760. It is a good occasion to include in this share because it is a good company on the basis of strengths.

If talk about the company’s strengths so it has a strong promoter along with over 40 years of experience in the sector.

Also, its engineering capacity has developed over the decades. In this share, the QIB shares offered are 50%, the Retail share offered is 35%, and NII (HNI) shares offered are 15%.

Updated News is that the company is coming out along with a 100% book segment of around Rs.1,36,69,478 shares of Rs.10 every in a price band of Rs.443 to Rs.453 per equity share.

According to the industry overview in this company the collaboration of mining and quarrying sectors, both in cases of suggestive and actual GDP. It is one of the largest manufacturers of polymer-based mill liners.

Tega Industries Ltd Fundamental Analysis

As a result, we tried to tell about the Tega industry’s positive strengths which are mentioned in this table.

Fundamental TermsExplanation
Market CapAccording to Date 31/08/2022 present market cap of this share is Rs.3,480.39 Cr.
Price To Earnings RatioThe P/E ratio of Tega industries is 38.03.
Enterprises ValueAt the time enterprise value of Tega Industries Ltd is Rs.3,633.34 Cr.
Current CashThe actual cash of the company is Rs.1.18 Cr.
Total DebtTega Industries has a debt of Rs.154.13 Cr.
Sales GrowthIt has sales growth of 0%.
Profit GrowthTega Industries Ltd has an innovative profit growth of 0%.

For some reason Tega Industries is currently time out of the National Stock Market so, that’s why it has made no market cap. The next point is Enterprises Value whereas the attractive Market value of around Rs.3,633.34 crore.

The total No. Of Shares of this company which is Rs.6.63 crore. The further object is Face Value which is Rs.10. the Same As its Book Value is Rs.141.67. Tega Industries has total cash of approximately Rs.1.18 crore. It has total Debt of around Rs.154.13 crore.

Tega Industries Ltd share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast

Here we predicted the share price targets of Tega Industries Ltd for the year 2022 to 2030 which is more chances to achieve in the future than is given below.

YearTarget Of Tega Industries Ltd

Tega Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2022

In this section, I am going to talk about the Analysis of Tega Industries. So, first of all, we cover the company’s basic points.

It has been incorporated in the year 1976. The main business of Tega Industries Distribution, and Manufacturing of Mineral and Minning products. If we talk about updated data for 2020.

The overview of Fundamental Analysis If we try to predict the first share price in the year 2022 should be Rs.506. If the company performs like this so the next share price should be Rs.557.

It is the second biggest company in polymer manufacturing. At the present, the company has a total of 55 major products and 6 manufacturing units.

Tega Industries Ltd Share Price Targe 2023

When we go through the Company Essentials, the first point is the Market Cap which we can able to see the Tega Industries Market Cap is Rs.3,480.39 crore.

So, According to the Company Essentials, we can observe for the year 2023 the share price of Tega Industries will be Rs.600. The other share price target would be Rs.646.

Tega Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2024

In this segment, I am going to consider the share price target for the year 2024 on the basis of the Profit and Loss of Tega Industries. In the financial year 2019, the company made net sales of around Rs.443.97 crore, and in the same season net profit was Rs.50.86 crore.

Tega Industries LtdNet SalesNet Profit
March 2019₹443.97 Cr.₹50.86 Cr.
March 2020₹447.18 Cr.₹64.47 Cr.
March 2021₹496.82 Cr.₹273.56 Cr.

Which was a good net sales and profit for this season. Because in the year March 2019, product sales have come down for many sectors due to the corona pandemic.

In the next year 2020, the company has made net sales of about Rs.447.18 crore, for the same year of net profit of about Rs.64.47 crore. in the next financial year 2021, it made net sales of about RS.496.82 crores, while the net profit was Rs.273.56 crores.

It was better net sales and net profit for the Tega Industries that’s we can take an estimate of the primary share price in the year 2024 would be Rs.697, and the second share price target should be Rs.740.

Tega Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2025

According to the Tega Industries Strength If we try to forecast the share price target for the year 2025. So, friends as per the latest data in the past 3 years the company presence is available in more than 70 countries as well as it has 513 installation units which are handled in a good way.

Tega Industries has a global track record of mining companies. Its product category is engineered along with a combination of mineral processing engineering and material sciences.

According to the company’s strengths, it is too strong in financial condition and physical so the first share price of Tega Industries in the year 2025, shall be Rs.815. The secondary share price target may be Rs.942.

Tega Industries Ltd Share Price Target 2030

On the basis of the Balance Sheet Analysis Report in the financial year 2019, the current liabilities of the company were Rs.218.97 crore, and in the same season of total investment was Rs.204.86 crore.

If we talk about the same year of current assets of about Rs.378.84 crore. As the same, we going to cover the next financial year March 2020, the current liabilities of Tega Industries were Rs.218.01 crore, and the investment was Rs.280.68 crore.

If we want to know the current assets for the same year were Rs.432.14 crore. same as in the year March 2021 the current liabilities were Rs.208.75 crores, while the current assets were Rs.477.90 crores.

All the aspects of the balance sheet report the company performance is too good. Therefore the first share price target for the year 2030 of about Rs.2,663, and the second share price target can be Rs.2,873.


In this article, we have predicted one of the top companies Tega Industries Ltd Share Price targets for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030.

Also, I have mainly focused on Company Financial Stats, Fundamental Analysis, Strengths, Limitations, etc. If you think that this post can be useful so kindly share and comment on this post.

Thank you!

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