[BYKE] The Byke Hospitality Ltd Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030

Do you know what is the share price targets for the upcoming year of The Byke Hospitality Ltd share? so let’s go ahead and know all the targets of this share, I think we are sure that after reading this article, your all droughts will be clear.

By the technical analysis I have analyzed the byke share price decreased, on the date of 3, May 2021 the market becomes a green candle, and over there the market has moving upside. So, it is a possibility to achieve their targets. Also, its sales growth, profit growth, and company management have good which are included in this article.

The Byke Hospitality Ltd Share Analysis

In this path, firstly I am going to start with the Byke Hospitality Ltd, services, products, and useful information so that may know more about this share, which is described ahead.

About The Byke Hospitality Ltd

Byke Hospitality Ltd is the best services giver in the hospitality sector. It has spread in 9 States and 16 different types of cities with a total of 21 Hotels having a total room of 1,255 rooms. The Byke is always providing pure vegetarian hotels and the resort is the best-preferred choice of travelers willing for a homely enjoyment. They prefer contemporary hospitality services with a touch of their traditional Indian society which in the old word “Atithi Devo Bhavah”.

The Byke Hospitality Ltd Product & Services

It is India’s fastest developing hospitality which provides services where a guest can feel at home away from home. The company’s mission is that provide excellently contemporary hospitality services with brand facilities across the country and optimal returns to stakeholders with extraordinary and unmatched consistency. The main thing is better services for any hospitality sector so, that the guest can refer again and again to this brand.

Every of the Byke branded hotels and resorts also offers high-efficiency Banquets facilities and lawns, and conference meetings. It was listed on the national stock market on the date of 2015 with an attractive share price of Rs.165.10. After listing the company better performed till 2017 and got a high share price of Rs.214 and after that, the company’s chart started falling due to the lower revenue.

The BYKE hospitality again started to stable a business of hospitality operation at the property of bike delotal situated at Borivali, Mumbai from date of 2021 which is near to railway station in this property there are 40 types of well-maintained rooms where the traveler can get better facilities. This type of location hotel generates good revenue.

(BYKE) The Byke Hospitality Ltd Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast

When we go through the technical analysis of the share price chart using the Fibonacci retracement, these targets can predict. It is the base price of this share if it will show the marketing strategy so the price can increase.

YearTarget Of The Byke Hospitality Ltd

The Byke Hospitality Ltd Share Price Target 2022

In this section, I am going to forecast the share price target of Byke Hospitality Ltd for the year 2022 on the basis of Company Performance. Byke hospitality has shown a well set of numbers of around 29% growth revenue at Rs.619 million compare with Rs.481.4 million. The Byke Hospitality Ltd has reported 46 bps expense in EBITDA margin to 32% in this quarter year.

If we talk about the overall PAT growth which is developed around 37% to the total value of INR Rs.64 million from Rs.47 million. The biggest revenue of The Byke Hospitality Ltd has collaborated by the growth of around 20% in the food and beverage department, growing the no. of hotels under the capital, assets and new decoration, better utilization of capital through room sales business, and better sales source.

The BYKE company is targeting to grow their lease properties which are the company wants to add 8 more properties at effective and identified locations including Jodhpur, Udaypur, Darjeeling, Gangtok, and even Chandigarh in the next pair of years to build a pan India presence. From all over the performance if try to predict the first share price target of The Byke Hospitality Ltd for the year 2022 is Rs.53. The company wants to spread all over the identified locations and try to grow the sales revenue that’s why the second share price target for the same year may be Rs.67.  

The Byke Hospitality Ltd Share Price Target 2023

In this object, I am going to talk about the Company Essential. So, first I talk about the company Market Cap it is a major component of the company which is Rs.172.82 crore and another is the enterprises’ value of the company which is Rs.197.18 crore due to more investment in the new lease properties. The no. of shares of the is Rs.4.01 crore.

The next point of the BYKE is the price-to-earnings ratio that price to earnings ratio whereas 0, after that ahead is the P/B of the company so, the company of P/B is Rs.1.02, ahead is the FACE VALUE of the company is Rs.10, DIV.YIELD is 0%, same as BOOK VALUE is Rs.39.86. The total cash of this company is Rs.3.30 crore, and the total debt of BYKE is Rs.27.65 crore. According to all aspects, the first share price target of the company for the year 2023 is Rs.84, and another share price for this same year is Rs.106.

The Byke Hospitality Ltd Share Price Target 2024

So, dear friends now we are going to explore the share price target of BYKE on the basis of Expert Views on this company. As the company has made net sales in the financial year 2021 of around Rs.65.61 crore. But if we talk about the previous year’s net sales were Rs.122.19 which is better than from the financial year 2021 because in the year March 2021 the company sales have come down due to the entire lockdown in India. According to this, in the long-term, the company will give a good return in the upcoming year organization. The Byke Hospitality Ltd price-to-earnings ratio is -12.48%. So, that’s why in the year 2024 the first share price target of the company can attain Rs.144, and the second share price target may be achieved at Rs.172.

The Byke Hospitality Ltd has an average return on assets of -6.93%. This indicates great value and profitability for BYKE. If we talk about the low current ratio of its which is 1.96.and the price for growth looking at the best valuation of BYKE. The ROE has been decreasing by -10.19%. So, friends, the company can growable. If we invest in this share so, it would be a good return in the upcoming year.

The Byke Hospitality Ltd Share Price Target 2025

According to the Fundamental Analysis, I am going to predict the share price target for the year 2025. So, first, we talk about the revenue growth of the company which we have to see in the first quarter the company has got a revenue growth of 29% which if we try to exchange into the INR Rupees of around Rs.48111.4 million. With this type of growth, the company has made the base of room revenue in the leasing business and food and beverages segment.

They basically grew by food and beverage by around 20%. The revenue generated from owned and leased hotels and room chartering developed by 22%/36% it was so, effective. They believe that the company will grow by around 20% cause of the growing domestic tourism industry, progression of the no. of hotels, high spacious banquet, and better utilization of assets.

At the present time, the company is willing to present its business in 6 cities with proper operational properties at 9 different types of locations. Recently, it has required 20,000 square feet of wedding ceremony garden and next is the Buke Suraj Plaza, Thane in Mumbai, Maharashtra to increase demands for events like a weddings ceremony, Birthdays, and Corporate events. It is a major investment to grow its business. So, It is all about the company segment the first share price target in the year 2025 can be Rs.204, and the second share price target shall be Rs,252.

The Byke Hospitality Ltd Share Price Target 2030

According to the company share price chart in the one week, the company has made an absolute return of around -0.2%, cause of the better growth sales revenue in the food and beverage segment. In the one month, it made an absolute return of around 24.4%, due to the company has generated lower sales revenue and according to the 3 months, the company has got an absolute return of at least 9.0%, and the company previous 6 months it has given an absolute return 35.5%. It’s all about providing good results that the sooner share price in the year 2030 shall be Rs.562, and the secondary share price target would be Rs.614.

The Byke Hospitality Ltd has been maintaining an attractive ratio operating margins of 21.63% in the previous 5 years and also it has a powerful degree of operating leverage, with average operating leverage standing over at 3.30 but the company has examined poor profit growth of -179.71% in the previous years. It has also shown poor revenue growth of -28.22% in the back 3 years, due to the covid-19 pandemic all globe, but still, they maintained their asset.


In this object, I have considered a detailed analysis of The Byke Hospitality Ltd Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030 and I have included every needly essential in this article that is really essential so that to know before investing in any specific company shares which include company strength, limitations, share price target for the company shares, try to tell every relatable updated news.

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