Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030

Are you looking for the future prediction of Yes Bank? If yes then you are at the best blog post because in the blog post I am not just giving the target for yes bank while I am analyzing and explaining the technical and fundamental aspects of yes bank that can give you more visibility.

I am sure, you never read this type of blog post anywhere and after reading this blog post you can relate to me how am I predicting? I think if you read it then you never need to search again on this topic. I am Prabhat Kumar, a stock market trader for 5 years. Let’s start.

Yes Bank Share Analysis

Yes Bank Ltd. was one of the good stocks sometime before but now the value of yes bank is very fewer Rs.15-Rs.20 Because of the reason bad management. The CEO of yes bank Mr. Prashant Kumar said sometime before in an interview the yes bank comes back in 2021. So, the probability to increase the yes bank shares price target is better than before. Now we continue to the next section the price history of yes bank.

Yes Bank Share Technical Analysis: In yes bank when I analyze using technical analysis there is no more volatile data in the longer time frame but in the shorter time frame found some data is going upside and volume is consistently increasing. But, on the behalf of a shorter time frame, we never take any decision to make an investment in it.

Yes Bank Share Fundamental Analysis: When I analyze yes bank using fundamental analysis I got a few incredible important points. The market cap of yes bank is approx ₹42,969 Cr., The price-earning ratio is approx 35, The net profit in FY2021 is ₹1,066 Cr. which is far better than the previous two years. A negative thing is it is the promoter holding in this is 0%, but DII is 44% and FII is 11%.

Yes Bank Share Price Target/Prediction/Forecast

In the fundamentals of yes bank you also read before and you know that the net profit is increasing at a good recovery rate if it continues It can give an upside move. 

As before, I tell in technical analysis of Yes Bank shares, not breakout any good resistance but try to give move in the upside. I should invest in yes bank if It continues its upside momentum and must invest less than 10% of my portfolio because the probability to achieve the target is Average.

YearTarget Of Yes Bank

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030: After analyzing the Yes Bank share we found targets for the upcoming year. For the year 2022, the target should achieve by yes bank is about 30 rupees, in the next year 2023 the target is about 45 rupees, then in the year 2024 the target must be achive of 70 rupees, and then in the year, 2025 yes bank should go up to 110 rupees. Finally, the share price target for the year 2030 is about 356 rupees.


You must be invested 5%-10% of your portfolio in yes bank if you are looking for the long term. thank you so much for reading this post. I hope this is helpful for you all in your investing journey. Please ask in the comment if you have any questions about it.

13 thoughts on “Yes Bank Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030”

  1. Great sir as per fundamental which u explaned are very usefull as well as fruitefull because investor who have invested more than 50% Or 70 % of their portfolio in this stock any special advice for them or same as u explained above more then 5 year holding in this stock

  2. some selected brand low value is controlled by sebi, until bank grow faster they can't reach even Normal, I think yes bank will go 400 by 2030 because present management in war , so we can't expect growth now, so after covid19 And by 2024 they will be great warriors also Thai sebi keep on bringing down shares of yesbank to pullout retailers, this is right time to invest And wait for 10 years


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